Top Applications

Information sections included in this page:
  • Tree View containing monitored Sessions, Employees and Computers, organized on separate tabs.
  • Data Table containing the following information displayed on columns:
    • Application - The name of the recorded application.
    • Category - A dropdown selection where the user can assign to an application one of the defined categories. The default value is Uncategorized.
    • Employee - The username used by the employee on the monitored station.
    • *Note: If the selected tree view item is a department, this column will list all the users from that department who have used the recorded application.
    • Time - Usage time for the recorded application.
    • % of Active Time - How much of the Active Time represents each application's usage time.
  • Piechart illustrating the data presented in the data table. The chart presents the top 15 applications in descending order of their usage time.

The Datetime picker offers a few predefined time frame options (Today, Yesterday, This Week, Last Week, This Month and Last Month) as well as the possibility to select a Specific Date or Date Range.

The Administrator has the permission to view all statistics. The Manager can view only the statistics belonging to the employees who are included in the department assigned to the respective manager. The Employee has the permission to view one employee's statistics only (usually his own).

This page can be exported in CSV, XLS and PDF formats by clicking the corresponding icon located right under the page title and near the time filters.

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