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? The idle time considered since the users arrived at work. This is not affected by the workschedule settings.
% of (Total/Active)
lorand/LORAND-PC28/05/2015 - Thu11:5416:5104:56:3203:59:0700:57:2580.64
Flaviu/FLAVIU-PC28/05/2015 - Thu11:5116:5105:00:0702:57:1002:02:5759.03
IoanDan/dan28/05/2015 - Thu10:3516:5106:16:1404:38:3601:37:3874.05
Alex/GALAXY28/05/2015 - Thu10:3515:4705:12:0203:39:1801:32:4470.28
User/AMPLUSNETLAPTOP28/05/2015 - Thu10:0716:4906:41:4004:55:0301:46:3773.46
Eli/ELI28/05/2015 - Thu09:0716:4907:42:0605:26:2402:15:4270.63
Anca/ANCA-DELL28/05/2015 - Thu09:0416:4707:42:5604:51:1002:51:4662.90