How does Cyclope comply to GDPR

We limit the collected data from the users.

  • We do not collect personal information (first name, last name, identity card data, bank accounts, etc.).
  • We do not collect the content of: visited websites, used applications and documents, emails, chat conversations. We do not record screen captures nor do we record the keyboard activity.
  • In case you want the recorded data to be pseudo-anonymized, you can activate this feature from the Administration section, Settings page and Other Settings tab. The option is called Pseudo-anonymize data. Once activated, it will obfuscate the usernames and all associated computer names, making it impossible to identify a certain employee based on the recorded data. The option is reversible. When potential breaches are identified, this option can be temporarily or permanently disabled.

We offer to our employees control over the data we gather.

  • Our recommendations towards each of our customers are:
    • – Define the purpose (legitimate interest) for using the Cyclope application. For example: data security or confidentiality, automated processing (software) tracking for compliance with GDPR, employee productivity, etc.
    • – Tell every employee that they are monitored by: operating rules / internal order, attachment to the work contract, notification of the applicable IT security policy.
    • – Apply employee monitoring after obtaining prior approval. This agreement can be obtained by acknowledging and accepting any of the documents listed above.
  • Any employee may have easy access to all data collected by Cyclope about his work.
  • The application allows the employer to easily export collected data about an employee and to delete this information if the employee requests it.

We work with suppliers that are GDPR compliant.

  • The suppliers we use for cloud-based services are GDPR compliant as well.

How does Cyclope help with GDPR compliance?

Because Cyclope offers you:

  • automatic data processing tracking through Files activity report
  • automatic monitoring of visited websites and used applications
  • the ability to define email alerts on different criteria

It helps to comply with GDPR because:

  • you will have a real-time recording of data processing in your company.
  • you will be able to identify more easily potential security breaches or data leaks.
  • can be of great help in your Data Protection Officer's (DPO) activity.
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