Information sections included in this page:
  • Tree View containing monitored Sessions, Employees and Computers, organized on separate tabs.
  • Total Logged Time. Besides the Total Logged Time, this section presents numeric and percentage values for Active Time and Idle Time.
  • Monitoring Highlights. A simple and intuitive chart illustrating the number of actively monitored computers reported to the total number of computers where Cyclope Client was deployed.
  • Productivity Level. This bar chart illustrates how much of the active time has been assigned as Productive or Distracting. The remaining active time, the one with no productivity settings, is generically called Neutral.
  • Most visited websites (Active Time). This is a simple and suggestive bar chart showing the 5 most visited web domains.
  • Most used applications (Active Time). Similar to top 5 domains, this chart illustrates the 5 most used applications.
  • Activity heatmap. This chart shows the daily activity on hourly basis. If the selected time frame includes more than one day, the chart will display the average activity, corresponding to that particular time interval.

The Datetime picker offers a few predefined time frame options (Today, Yesterday, This Week, Last Week, This Month and Last Month) as well as the possibility to select a Specific Date or Date Range.

The Administrator has the permission to view all statistics. The Manager can view only the statistics belonging to the employees who are included in the department assigned to the respective manager. The Employee has the permission to view one employee's statistics only (usually his own).

This page can be exported in CSV, XLS and PDF formats by clicking the corresponding icon located right under the page title and near the time filters.

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