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ApplicationShow inWindow NameTotal TimeActive TimeIdle Time
Total (on this page)21h 42m 52s15h 11m 31s6h 31m 21s
Google ChromeInternet [change] WHMCS - Support Tickets - Google Chrome4h 25m 15s2h 32m 44s1h 52m 31s
FirefoxInternet [change] The Video Maker from GoAnimate - Make a Video for YouTube! - Mozilla Firefox2h 38m 23s2h 6m 3s0h 32m 20s
TeamViewer 10Application Forms [change] 429 220 989 - TeamViewer - Free license (non-commercial use only)2h 9m 10s1h 51m 38s0h 17m 32s
VirtualBox.exeApplication Forms [change] VIRTUAL2008R2 [Running] - Oracle VM VirtualBox0h 56m 19s0h 53m 4s0h 3m 15s
Notepad : a free (GNU) source code editorDocument [change] C:\\Users\\lorand\\AppData\\Roaming\\Notepad \\plugins\\config\\NppFTP\\Cache\\licensin@licensing.webprod.com\\www\\updates\\6.8.0.version - Notepad [Administrator]0h 58m 49s0h 45m 13s0h 13m 36s
Google ChromeInternet [change] Facebook - Google Chrome0h 46m 23s0h 37m 18s0h 9m 5s
Google ChromeInternet [change] CRMWeb - Google Chrome1h 24m 15s0h 35m 59s0h 48m 16s
Windows ExplorerApplication Forms [change] 0h 50m 23s0h 34m 32s0h 15m 51s
FirefoxInternet [change] Facebook - Mozilla Firefox0h 48m 50s0h 31m 6s0h 17m 44s
Microsoft OutlookDocument [change] Cyclope Romania - Personal Folders - Outlook1h 9m 3s0h 29m 49s0h 39m 14s
Microsoft WordDocument [change] ROCyclopeWEBSITE - Word0h 29m 49s0h 29m 49s0h 0m 0s
FirefoxInternet [change] Cyclope software monitorizare angajați - Software Monitorizare Angajaţi - Mozilla Firefox0h 25m 6s0h 24m 45s0h 0m 21s
Google ChromeInternet [change] Inbox (882) - dan@gmail.com - Gmail – Google Chrome0h 31m 27s0h 21m 27s0h 10m 0s
Microsoft OutlookDocument [change] Inbox - dan@amplusnet.com (1) - Outlook0h 47m 47s0h 21m 21s0h 26m 26s
Google ChromeInternet [change] WHMCS - Clients Profile - Google Chrome0h 25m 23s0h 16m 42s0h 8m 41s
Notepad : a free (GNU) source code editorDocument [change] C:\\Users\\lorand\\AppData\\Roaming\\Notepad \\plugins\\config\\NppFTP\\Cache\\licensin@licensing.webprod.com\\www\\extra_info.php - Notepad [Administrator]0h 26m 58s0h 16m 3s0h 10m 55s
Microsoft OutlookDocument [change] hidden.com mobile - Message (HTML) 0h 26m 49s0h 15m 2s0h 11m 47s
YahooMessenger.exeChat [change] Eli0h 15m 39s0h 14m 28s0h 1m 11s
Skype Chat [change] Skype™ - dan0h 14m 0s0h 14m 0s0h 0m 0s
Google ChromeInternet [change] Avangate Control Panel - Google Chrome0h 15m 50s0h 13m 56s0h 1m 54s
Google ChromeInternet [change] Symantec - Knowledge Center - SSL Certificates Support - Google Chrome0h 15m 6s0h 13m 55s0h 1m 11s
Google ChromeInternet [change] WebHost Manager – host2 - Google Chrome0h 14m 27s0h 13m 53s0h 0m 34s
Notepad : a free (GNU) source code editorDocument [change] C:\\Program Files\\Cyclope\\Ni45LjA=\\parser.php - Notepad [Administrator]0h 16m 15s0h 13m 50s0h 2m 25s
Google ChromeInternet [change] Cyclope – Google Chrome0h 17m 31s0h 13m 5s0h 4m 26s
FirefoxInternet [change] Cyclope - Mozilla Firefox0h 13m 55s0h 11m 49s0h 2m 6s