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Categories marked with (Locked) are system categories and cannot be renamed or deleted. Please create new ones if you want custom categories.
Category Actions
Uncategorized (Locked) EditDelete
Advertising (Locked) EditDelete
Advocacy Organizations (Locked) EditDelete
Alcohol (Locked) EditDelete
Alternative Beliefs (Locked) EditDelete
Armed Forces (Locked) EditDelete
Arts and Culture (Locked) EditDelete
Brokerage and Trading (Locked) EditDelete
Business (Locked) EditDelete
Child Abuse (Locked) EditDelete
Child Education (Locked) EditDelete
Computer-aided Design (CAD) (Locked) EditDelete
Content Servers (Locked) EditDelete
Data Management (Locked) EditDelete
Dating (Locked) EditDelete
Digital Postcards (Locked) EditDelete
Discrimination (Locked) EditDelete
Domain Parking (Locked) EditDelete
Drug Abuse (Locked) EditDelete
Dynamic Content (Locked) EditDelete
Education (Locked) EditDelete
Email (Locked) EditDelete
Entertainment (Locked) EditDelete
ERP / CRM (Locked) EditDelete
Explicit Violence (Locked) EditDelete
File Sharing and Storage (Locked) EditDelete
Finance and Banking (Locked) EditDelete
Folklore (Locked) EditDelete
Freeware Downloads (Locked) EditDelete
Gambling (Locked) EditDelete
Games (Locked) EditDelete
General Organizations (Locked) EditDelete
Spirituality (Locked) EditDelete
Government and Legal Organizations (Locked) EditDelete
Graphics / Photo Imaging (Locked) EditDelete
Hacking (Locked) EditDelete
Health and Wellness (Locked) EditDelete
Illegal or Unethical (Locked) EditDelete
Industry Specific (Locked) EditDelete
Information and Computer Security (Locked) EditDelete
Information Technology (Locked) EditDelete
Instant Messaging (Locked) EditDelete
Internet Radio and TV (Locked) EditDelete
Internet Telephony (Locked) EditDelete
Internet Utilities (Locked) EditDelete
Job Search (Locked) EditDelete
Lingerie and Swimsuit (Locked) EditDelete
Malicious Websites (Locked) EditDelete
Marijuana (Locked) EditDelete
Meaningless Content (Locked) EditDelete
Medicine (Locked) EditDelete
Miscellaneous (Locked) EditDelete
Networking (Locked) EditDelete
News and Media (Locked) EditDelete
Newsgroups and Message Boards (Locked) EditDelete
Nudity and Risque (Locked) EditDelete
Office Applications (Locked) EditDelete
Other Adult Materials (Locked) EditDelete
Peer-to-peer File Sharing (Locked) EditDelete
Personal Vehicles (Locked) EditDelete
Personal Websites and Blogs (Locked) EditDelete
Pets (Locked) EditDelete
Phishing (Locked) EditDelete
Plagiarism (Locked) EditDelete
Political Organizations (Locked) EditDelete
Pornography (Locked) EditDelete
Proxy Avoidance (Locked) EditDelete
Real Estate (Locked) EditDelete
Reference (Locked) EditDelete
Restaurant and Dining (Locked) EditDelete
Search Engines and Portals (Locked) EditDelete
Secure Websites (Locked) EditDelete
Sex Education (Locked) EditDelete
Shopping and Auction (Locked) EditDelete
Social Networking (Locked) EditDelete
Society and Lifestyles (Locked) EditDelete
Software Development (Locked) EditDelete
Spam URLs (Locked) EditDelete
Sports (Locked) EditDelete
Sports Hunting and War Games (Locked) EditDelete
Streaming Media and Download (Locked) EditDelete
Tobacco (Locked) EditDelete
Travel (Locked) EditDelete
Unclassified (Locked) EditDelete
Video Creation and Editing (Locked) EditDelete
Weapons (Locked) EditDelete
Web Chat (Locked) EditDelete
Web Hosting (Locked) EditDelete
Web-based Applications (Locked) EditDelete
Web-based Email (Locked) EditDelete
Windows Utilities (Locked) EditDelete